About Me

Photo by Remix Medien
I started programming at the age of 12 on the russian clone of ZX Spectrum 48k back in the days. My first trials i did with BASIC and then i learned Z80 assembly language. Later moving on with learning C, C++ and Pascal on 386SX PC. Beginning 2006 i graduated from faculty of Computer Science at the George Simon Ohm Univ. of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg and started my professional career as Software Engineer at the big german semiconductor company.

One day i remember reading an article comparing Macs and PCs in the mid-90s. The conclusion the author draw was something like: “If you would like a machine for a business calculatations get a PC, but if you’d rather like to dive into the world of rich multimedia, digital video and audio and experience most powerful computer technology you should get a Mac”. Ever since i was fascinated by the shiny Apple boxes.. Finally in 2007 i switched to Mac OS X after buying MacBook Pro at Apple Store in Palo Alto and until now i didn’t regret it. After living long enough with Java i learned to love Objective-C and Cocoa for the simplicity and the power. But before iPhone SDK came i just played around without thinking about doing any serious project. iPhone changed it and i submitted my first app – Measures to the AppStore August 2008 and never expected to be as successful as it was in the last months. Since then Measures was multiple times featured, made appearence in the TV ad and got some very positive reviews from the press and dedicated websites. I am looking forward to build upon this success and continue creating useful apps for the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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